Friday, February 18, 2011

Untitled (AKA Grand Post Number 3 - I'm catching on to this whole blogging thing)

It's all been a frantic, hectic (but excellent!) blur since my last post.  We've done three markets (Brighton Gala, Moxie Market and Thieves Alley Market) which were pretty much just insanely busy, got ourselves stocked in the Otago Museum shop, filled various orders, set up a few other suppliers and reviewers and networked till we can network no more - and now we have an interview published on the lovely New Zealand Handmade site!  Phew!!

So I feel we can rest on our laurels for a millisecond before rushing onwards with our plans of world domination.  OK, done.  Now while I head back to the sewing machine, you lot head over to Sew Pretty who are running a raffle to raise funds for a fantastic cause called Bellyful which provides "meals for families with newborn babies, and families in crisis".  Such a great idea, so we've just donated one of our reusable sandwich wraps to Sew Pretty's prize pack.  Go here to pick up a $2 ticket!

And lastly, Ginger J and I have decided that we will share custody of this blog henceforth so that it doesn't get too neglected and rusty - and now we have blogosphere witnesses!  Stay tuned for Ginger J's upcoming missives, full of wit, artistry, business acumen and all-round-gorgeousness.  Oh, and mine, too.


  1. Hi, Your stall looks great, and loving all those lovely fabrics, cheers Marie

  2. Thanks, Marie - we set it up in record time as we were so late that they'd already closed the road off and we couldn't get our car in...luckily we had some really nice stall-holder neighbours who helped out :-)

  3. Hey
    Great blog! Looking forward to some more witty posts! Oooh wish I could get some fabric like your background picture!
    And thanks for the prize for the raffle, we have sold 20 tickets already, which will probably mean a meal for a family or two!

  4. Thanks, Kirsty! The background is so cool, isn't it? It would make a lovely wallet! Great idea of yours with the raffle - every little bit counts with this kind of thing, so you're earning some good karma here ;-)