Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aha - there IS something we can do...

After Christchurch's awful earthquake this week, the whole country seems to be galvanised into action, and everyone wants to be doing something to help.  Donating money seems to be the most practical way, but not everyone has loads of spare cash - so it's been amazing to watch the NZ crafting community on Facebook come alive (which is saying something, as they're a pretty techno-active bunch anyway), particularly with hundreds of donations of beautiful, handmade goods.  These will all be auctioned off by various groups, with proceeds going to Christchurch.  Here are some of the grass-roots support that I've come across in my virtual travels since Tuesday, and which we've donated to...

Li'l Magoolie's Li'l Quake Appeal

Charity Auctions for the Christchurch Earthquake 2011

Sew Pretty's Operation Comfort

Scamps Eco Boutique's Canterbury Quake Care Packages

Handmade for Christchurch
Visit them if you can :-)

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