Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm a bad blog mother (sob)!

I'm already neglecting this poor little blog, and it's only an infant!  I think one of the challenges of setting up a new business is building a new timetable for your life - and this is not something I've ever been particularly good at anyway!  I need to deliberately set aside scheduled time for all those little computery things, like blogging, checking in on our Facebook page, and learning how to run and grow a little business - as well as the practical side of physically taking orders and sewing wraps (and trying not to forget my actual human children in all this)!  Luckily, my sister Ginger J is naturally talented in this area, so is quite good at gently reminding me as I consistently stray off topic (and task)...And it's definitely a matter of getting out what you put in.  I'm constantly amazed at how every single time we make a small effort to communicate with the outside world via the old interweb, more orders trickle (and occasionally flood) seems like some kind of great karmic, magic thing because we can't actually see or know how many people we've reached, but I'm well aware that it's potentially billions!  (Hello, all you worldly citizens!)

A friend pointed us to this blog where we had a great little blurb this week, and we immediately took all Paddy Lewis' advice and got some more boyish fabrics in stock (I hate to say 'boyish' because I know there's plenty of girls who might like these - or boys who really might not - but I just don't know how else to describe them!).  But here they are, in all their glory about to be 'wrapped'...

Acid Rain
Chocolate Fish

Sk8er Kid
Silver Fern
Pirate Skulls
Alien Kids


  1. Love ya Blog Nicola... very fresh and well worth your effort so book that Blogging time into your diary now... :) Paul H from the old days...

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your words of encouragement! Must take your advice and schedule it in properly :-) Lovely to hear from you!